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Introduction 🚀

About Hischool

Hischool is a platform which helps to operate your school fully and efficiently.

To get started using Hischool, or to learn more about using Hischool, go to the main Hischool website at

Understanding Hischool Integration

There are two ways to integrate with Hischool: Third Party Apps and Custom Integrations. While there are many similarities between the two, it's essential that you understand the allowable use for each and choose the right type for your purposes.

Custom Integration ⚙️

If you're planning to do in-house development for your school (or bespoke development for the sole use of a single Hischool customer) may use custom integrations.

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Third Party App 🛠

If you work for a SaaS software company and you want to integrate your product with Hischool, use Third Party Apps. Any app that is being run by a third-party on behalf of multiple Hischool customers must use Hischool Third Party Apps.

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Our Products ⚡️

Depending on what functionality your app needs, you may need to add a product to your app.

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